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Interview with our robot Doctor Benscan

Do you want to know how your business or company is doing?

Do you think there’s something that doesn’t work all that well and you can’t quite put your finger on it? Would you really like to know what your end customer’s navigation and experience is like? Then look no further. Doctor BenScan is the solution for you. We spoke with this funny and sneaky robot-doctor scanner and he’s been telling us why you should hire him. 

Here’s the interview with our robot Doctor Benscan

Why do you think you’re possibly the best scanner in the world?

For many reasons, but above all because I’m the only scanner that doesn’t just scan websites, I also operate in apps, and this is a huge added value. Furthermore, the minimum time spent on a check is one week, day and night. Nothing gets past me. I never rest! As humans say, 24/7. 


What are your strengths?

Oh gosh, I have many (*laughs*). I’m capable of detecting any anamoly, any accessibility or availability error in real-time and from three different internet providers. In other words, I infiltrate your website or app and impersonate the end customer to carry out a 100% accurate simulation of their experience from wherever they are. And what’s more, I don’t need to be installed anywhere.


How do you do it then?

My technology doesn’t require any type of agent installation or integration in the company’s systems, while other technologies run checks from within the infrastructure or data centres of internet providers, and we all know that from there processing capacities and speed connections are ideal. For this reason I connect directly to the company’s website or app, from the end customer’s point view, outside of the company’s technical structure. I’m clever, right?


How do you pass on the results of your check?

I send my report via Whatsapp or email, whichever is preferred. In the report, sent in PDF format (which requires Acrobat), I explain my diagnosis and assessment, and share my recommendations to improve the website or app’s service and, as such, to promote the business-to-customer relationship and the company’s achievement of objectives. I use a simple language so that everyone can understand and they don’t need to call on a “translator”.



Here’s the interview with our robot Doctor Benscan


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