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Choose the type of website or app check most suited to your company:

If what you want is to find out how your website or app works in general terms, without going into specific details, I recommend my one-week Basic Check.

If your company has sales or digital services cycles that are established on a fortnightly basis, choose my 2-week Advanced Check.

If you want to obtain maximum profitability for your company with sales and / or digital services cycles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, my advice is that you should buy the Premium Check.

As you can see, I adapt to all objectives!


Analyse and improve the performance of your Website or App. For any of our checks you will receive a detailed report and personalised recommendations. This report will be sent via email or WhatsApp; as specified by you. For 7-day, 14-day or monthly periods. 24-hour checks every 5 minutes. Real-time checks from different internet providers and real simulations of the user’s experience from their connection point.


  • Profitability by opting for high-value information for a minimum cost.
  • Growth by receiving recommendations that will improve the performance of your online tools.
  • Customer Satisfaction in the experience and use of your platforms.
  • And performance by making full use of all your allocated resources. Both your human and technical teams, as well as your UX team will direct their efforts at what is really important.

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